What Is Worship?

What is worship?  We have worship music, worship services, etc.  These can vary according to denomination. But are we worshipping God the way He wants us to or are we doing it the way that makes us comfortable? Here’s my ongoing research on the subject: Worship Before The Law Genesis 22:5   Genesis 24:26  Genesis 24:26  Genesis 24:48 […]

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Eagles Don’t Ask Lions For Hunting Advice

Eagles Don’t Ask Lions for Hunting Advice Conventional wisdom is fine for general guidelines about how to chart your career path. But remember that generalizations fall apart when applied to specific situations and another person’s opinion, no matter how much an expert that individual may be or how successful they are in their chosen can’t […]

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Wisdom From My Grandfather

This is a story that was originally told to me by my maternal grandfather, Robert Isaac Ekundiyo Bright Senior, elder statesman, successful businessman, athlete, visionary. I told my son, Marshal, the story when he asked me my relationship with my grandfather. One day all of rats called a meeting to discuss what to do about the […]

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