Bobby Allen has the chance to influence someone 20 years younger than himself

Every 20 Years Your Life Changes

The twenty year life cycle If you look at your life, you’ll probably notice that it changes dramatically roughly every 2o years.  That’s also about the time that fashion trends recycle; so you get to see people who remind you of your younger self, making the same cotton blend mistakes right in front of you. Older […]

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G Code volume 1

The G Code and Parenting

What You Know About That G Code? The G Code : Lessons for Living an Extraordinary Life in the Real World is a nod to the unwritten rules that govern urban street life.  Part autobiography, part blue-collar success manifesto with a dash of legacy building instruction. It’s written by Gregory “G Diesel” Santarsiero who I met roughly […]

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James is not my clone, he's my son

A Farewell Message To James

Farewell for Now James My son, James was heading to boot camp and asked for those of us who know him, and are older in the faith, to give him messages of encouragement to help him as he entered his new phase of life.  After seeing my pastor’s message to James, I felt that it was too good […]

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The Quest For Meaning

David Needham Says the Quest for Meaning is Primal It would appear that through much of history only the rare person ever stopped and asked why we exist? Probably for most, the job of survival was so demanding there simply wasn’t time to ask questions. For others, unquestioned commitment to family or king or religious […]

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