Beef up your DVD Collection

Let’s Talk About Your DVD Collection If you’re a serious lifter, DVDs are probably the last thing on your mind for a garage gym. You don’t go to the garage to watch television! Besides, we live in an age of apps. What do you need DVDs for? Hold On, I’ll Tell You So you read Buy […]

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There Is No Magic to Monday

There is No Magic to Monday I received a text recently that read, “I’m feeling better. Should I train today or wait until Monday?” My answer was, “There is no magic to Monday”. If you feel good enough to train today, do whatever you would have done today if you hadn’t had the layoff. Yes, you […]

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Stall Mats: A Need Not A Want

Let’s talk stall mats Horse stall mats are designed for exactly what you’d think. To cushion the floor of horse stalls for horses. As such, they have to be durable enough for a thousand pound animal to stand and move around. But what’s that go to do with you? I’m assuming that you’ve read Buy What […]

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duck walks are an athletic movement

Buy What You Need, Not What’s On Sale

On Sale Doesn’t Mean Go Crazy But it’s on sale! Okay, I get it. You own a home gym and you want to outfit it with all of the cool stuff you see on Instagram and YouTube. (note: If you’re not already convinced that the garage gym life is for you, check out why it’s […]

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man doing yoga with toddler on his back

Six Reasons To Train At Home

Where Do You Train? If you’re reading this, you’re probably already either leaning towards or have already adopted the garage gym lifestyle. A garage gym may not have all of the bells and whistles that commercial gyms have but they’re hands down the best option especially for lifters with families. Don’t get me wrong I […]

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