Steve Goggins is on my panel of experts

Do You Need An Online Coach? Part 3 by John Greaves III

Online Coaching seems to be the answer to both the need for expert instruction and the convenience that Garage Gym Lifters are looking for. But along with the convenience, lowered expense, large pool of candidates and expert feedback come with some drawbacks. What’s Bad About It: The Invisible Man– As someone who hires an online […]

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barbara uses beachbody programs

Applying Program Progression to Beachbody Programs

Program progression in Beachbody? What? Yes. We have all seen the infomercials for P90X and Insanity that are produced by Beachbody. What you may not know is that  Beachbody has produced an extensive library of workout videos that range in ability from the novice to those with a vast experience in the fitness area. These programs […]

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Do You Need An Online Coach? Part 1

Online Coach Necessity or Luxury? When Jim Wendler released 5/3/1 it opened the floodgates. Suddenly it seemed as if everyone had to release a strength template, showcasing their ideas about how the general population should train.  Some of these were excellent, well thought out and easy to adapt to individual needs. Others fit on a […]

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location is important for a gym

Location, Location, Location by John Greaves III

Location doesn’t matter until it does A prime location for a garage training facility has to be inexpensive, accessible, and convenient.  Some storage units meet all of these requirements with just a little tweaking. I had a conversation in 2016 with two gentleman who were thinking about starting up their own garage gym. The problem was […]

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Taking Out The Trash by CellarDweller

The Origin of CellarDweller My name is Mike, aka CellarDweller, and I used to be a fat guy. I wasn’t always that way. I was pretty active in sports in junior high and high school. After that I was pretty consistant in the gym and training in my basement. I dropped all that as I […]

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