Weekly Motivation featuring Nigerian bodybuilder Azekhumhe Omoh

Training in the garage by yourself is tough. You usually don’t have the camaraderie of other gym members to help push you.  To help out, we combed the web to find videos that will help motivate you to keep striving to be your best. Today’s video features natural bodybuilder Azekhumhe Omoh from Nigeria who trains in a […]

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Treadmill Work For Fat Loss

Simply walking on the treadmill is one of the most underrated fat loss strategies especially for strength athletes looking to hold on to muscle mass. We originally purchased our treadmill for my wife who is a triathlete.  I avoided it as much as I could, preferring to use the sled and kettlebell swings or complexes […]

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OG Garage Built Tee

Key Factors to Avoid Bombing Out at Your Next Powerlifting Meet

I crossed a milestone in 2016 that I never wanted.  I bombed out of a meet for the first time.  A lot of factors went into it, I was recovering from strep throat, I’d lost twelve unplanned pounds.  Or at least I hadn’t planned on losing all of that weight so fast.  I had planned on three […]

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Remembering Iron Game Legend Paul Kelso

Paul Kelso, one of the most influential figures in the Iron Game passed away July 11, 2016.  I had the pleasure of interviewing him for Power Magazine and I’ve got to say it was surreal to interview someone who’s writing had influenced me so greatly.  Paul is the author of Powerlifting Basics: The Adventures of […]

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Faster or Better?

Faster or Better Faster. Lose weight faster.  Get in shape in ten minutes a day.  Six weeks to your best body.  Torch fat faster.  These headlines are splashed on magazine covers in every grocery store in America.  But I’ve learned that faster isn’t always best when it comes to getting in shape.  I’ve seen and read it in different […]

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Join The Rebellion

Join The Rebellion Time to join the rebellion. Today is our country’s independence day.  The day that brave men made the choice to sever their ties to a way of life that was comfortable and familiar but that was choking out their ability to grow.  200 plus years later and most people are focused on getting […]

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