From Skinny Kid To Multi Sport Champion! Get To Know Tony The Trainer

Anthony Springman’s story could have come straight out of one of those old Charles Atlas ads in the back of comic books. But nobody’s kicking sand in this multi sport champion’s face now! Read on to find out how he does it! Anthony, thanks for talking to all of us garage meatheads around the world. How long have you […]

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Three Reasons A Garage Gym Business Makes The Most Sense

Garage Gym Business: Stepping Stone or Stopping Point? The garage gym business model for coaching is usually thought of as a stepping stone.  Good to start, but you want to move into a bigger facility as soon as you have the clientele to support it.  This is the third post in the series about the benefits of […]

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personal trainer wearing Garage Built logo tanktop

sheStrength: Get To Know Anna Woods

Anna Woods is a wonder. She’s not only a devoted stay at home mom, but also a personal trainer specializing in adults with special needs, an online coach and a business coach to other fitness coaches.  Plus she still competes in Crossfit, powerlifting, adventure races and 5ks! Find out how this modern day shieldmaiden is […]

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Kids And Weight Training Good Idea Or Bad?

Eventually, someone’s going to bring up the outdated notion that kids shouldn’t lift weights because it will stunt their growth.  Hmm.  I’ve got a number of sarcastic answers to that but it’s probably best that you answer with science.  The National Strength & Conditioning Association is the recognized authority on strength training in America.  Not […]

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Play It Again Sports Owner Talks Used Weights

Play It Again Sports is the recognized name in the used equipment resale market. We usually think of it in terms of getting rid of our kid’s soccer cleats now that Pokémon Go has destroyed all of their interest in team sports. But way before Craigslist became the favorite online retailer for frugal garage gym owners, Play […]

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Muscle And Performance

Why Am I Doing This Muscle and performance is why most of us started lifting weights. Along the way, I lost sight of that. But in the past year, I remembered my first love and started working on turning things around. A lot of things have influenced my determination to stop settling for what I’ve […]

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