Inside 1st Platoon Garage Gym

The Origin of 1st Platoon Garage Gym Leondre tell me about your background. You served in the Army— I’m still currently in the Army National Guard, I just recently rejoined on the Marines’ birthday (10 November) Yeah, I saw your swearing in for your re enlistment. Nice. Thank you. But I’ve been in since 2003, […]

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Parents Shift Your Focus! Blessings Are The Solution

Guest post by Christina Geri Jogoleff Blessings Are the Solution Parents, it’s time to shift your focus your focus off of problems and onto blessings. Count your mutha f***ing blessings! When you’re focused on obesity, then you feel guilt for eating bad, you attract bad eating habits, you indulge, you just keep spiraling down and […]

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Intermittent Fasting with Charles Forbus

  Intermittent fasting wasn’t always a part of Charles Forbus’ lifestyle. That is until he decided at age 45 that it was time to fully commit and get in the best shape of his life. Three years later, he’s still improving, looking better every year than the year before. I caught up with Charles by phone […]

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UBALL Review

What On Earth is a UBALL? Background The above video gives the UBALL sales pitch but I found out about the product through Instagram and after contacting the inventor, Julian Sardinas to do a Garage Gym Athlete profile, I agreed to do an unbiased review. Full disclosure, I paid for my UBALL out of pocket and […]

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should you insulate your garage door?

5 Reasons To Never Insulate Your Garage Door

Should You Insulate Your Garage Door? Deciding to insulate your garage door seems like a great idea at first. Garage athletes experience temperature extremes daily. After all, your garage was designed to keep the rain off of your car and to store miscellaneous junk, not be comfortable enough to spend an hour to two hours a […]

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The Garage Gym Project

 So Dean, before we dive into The Garage Gym Project tell me: What’s your personal fitness background? Hi John! In my younger days I was a member of the NZ Olympic Luge team which involved compeitive racing for four years. I held two National titles. After that I got into a bit of kickboxing . […]

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Hacking Mobility with Julian Sardinas

The Origin Story Everyone’s fitness journey starts somewhere. Talk to me a little about yours. In our first conversation you said that you’ve hung out with athletes for most of your life and some of it’s rubbed off.  Expand on that and the role working out has played in your life. Growing up, I was […]

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Strong and Bendy

The Legend of Strong and Bendy Strong and bendy started out as a cool hashtag on Instagram when I started posting bridge press videos. It got worse when I started doing Steinborn Lifts. The image in my head when I thought of it was Gumby lifting an Atlas stone. I’m not sure such a picture […]

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@deadliftpro6 Garage Gym Life shorts, harder faster more vicious tee and ball cap

The DeadliftPro6 with Wes Jenkins

The Origin of DeadliftPro6 Wes Jenkins or deadliftpro6 as he’s known on Instagram is a guy who just seems to get stronger by the day. Not given to flashy training methods, every visit to his IG account yields footage of no frills barbell and dumbbell training in a garage gym decorated only with a Lift […]

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