Getting The Hang of Finger Strength with The Gripster

The Gripster 2.0 is a product that just makes sense once you see it in action. The device is like a portable version of the hang boards climbers use to train their fingers to support their body weight. You can use it for farmers carries, one arm deadlifts and to train for ring lifts. Because it’s got multiple surfaces, […]

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What can one year do for you?

Five Ways To Be More Athletic and Improve Recovery

Be More Athletic If you’re like me, you’re constantly bombarded by articles and images of all of the cool stuff we should be doing. We all want to be more athletic.  We also know that athletes pay attention to mobility, conditioning and recovery along with strength training. But adding all of that seems like a […]

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Searching Craigslist Like A Pro

Searching Craigslist like a pro is a good idea if you’re outfitting or upgrading your garage gym and want to save time and money. But you’ll need a plan of action and a standard operating procedure. Veteran garage gym athletes I interviewed said their best practices include: Search Multiple Times a Day Build a Quality Search […]

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@12gaugekate: Learning to Love My Reflection

Kate Olsen aka @12gaugekate is a study in contrasts. She’s intensely private but posts motivational quotes to her followers on Instagram. Uncomfortable in her skin at times, but defiantly posting revealing transformation pictures. She sometimes has a private account but is intensely loyal to her friends.  It took me some time but I finally got a […]

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