Rachel Flanagan is a mobile personal trainer

Tote Stopwatches and Chase Dreams with Rachel Flanagan

Rachel Flanagan Blogger/Stopwatch Enforcer Rachel Flanagan says she’s “Just your average stopwatch-toting suburban mom, looking to make some locals sweat and curse my name”. That’s hilarious but accurate enough to make me a fan! Let’s get to know her! Rachel, let’s start with the fact that you and I have a common passion for helping […]

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DIY Bar Storage Rack by Dallas Martin for Garage Gym Life

DIY Bar Storage Rack

DIY Bar Storage Rack If you are like me, you have more room than you know what to do with in your garage gym or home gym (sarcasm). I had bars laying up against every corner or worse yet left on the floor only to have to move them so I could do the next […]

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Hofamaniac Rob Brinkley sitting in the snow on his back deck

My Name is Rob and I’m a Hofamaniac by Robert Brinkley

Are you a Hofamaniac? Take This Test and Find Out You are in the shower. You turn on the water. You discover the switch from tub to shower has already been engaged. No time to turn it off, what do you do? The answer separates Hofamaniacs from the rest of the world. I’ll tell you […]

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Dallas Martin displays his DIY Landmine

DIY Landmine by Dallas Martin

DIY  Landmine A DIY Landmine is an awesome way to add a powerful tool to your garage gym toolbox. So, if landmine exercises are not in your arsenal, they should be.  And if you have searched the Internet for these fixtures, you will soon find out that fitness companies or equipment manufacturers are making a […]

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mermaid pose in Garage Gym Life leggings and unisex logo triblend

Meditation by Marisol Swords

Meditation Confession As much as I’d like to say I have a dedicated space to meditate, I don’t. I used to have a time and space specific to my practice that was non-negotiable; but as I am constantly reminding my kids: everything changes. If It’s a Cup Become a Cup Now my meditation looks like […]

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DIY Chain Collars for bench pressing

DIY Chain Collars by Thomas Stone

Why DIY Chain Collars? DIY chain collars will let you add a little variety and challenge to your training. If you have thought about trying chains and bands this project will get you using both in no time. Remember most public gyms have the space and finances to go out and get all of the equipment they need. […]

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Easy Ways to Protect Outdoor Gym Equipment

Keeping the Rust off your Outdoor Gym Equipment You just dropped a sizeable chunk of cash on that outdoor rig complete with anchors for your backyard and you want to keep the rust off. How to do it?  Pick equipment designed for outdoor use, protect it with regular maintenance, repaint when necessary, show the equipment […]

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Nick Nilsson the Mad Scientist of Muscle

Nick Nilsson, aka the Mad Scientist of Muscle has been on my radar since respected strength and conditioning coach Charles Staley endorsed his methods way back in the long ago. Nick has over twenty years of scientific research and in the trenches experience under his belt and is a frequent contributor to Iron Man Magazine, […]

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Embrace the Lifestyle

The Lifestyle I embrace the lifestyle. Started two years ago on the garagegym setup.  Buy, sell, create the way is all part of the process. The fun never stops. Nothing is Off Limits What I love about it most: the freedom. I can train when I want; how I want. It also forces me to […]

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Val Airing train like a girl tank

Val Airing is Seeking Her Full Potential by Helping Others

Val Airing is on fire and motivated to reach her full potential by helping others! When I saw her YouTube channel and Instagram profile, I knew right away that this is someone who deserves to have their story told! Get to know this fitness enthusiast right now! Val, how long have you been exercising? Off and […]

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