DIY earthquake bar is a great addition to your garagegym toolbox

DIY Earthquake bar

EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! OK, not really. But it is a DIY Earthquake bar. Why you need a Earthquake bar is almost as easy as making it. Everyone loves to bench and if you are about that Garage gym life you love a challenge, this bar gives you both. Lets start with the benefits. Oscillating kinetic energy (OKE) […]

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DIY Band Pegs

Hey Kids! Let’s Make DIY Band Pegs! by Thomas Stone

DIY Band Pegs + Power Racks = Match Made in Strength Heaven Let’s get some band pegs on that power rack of yours! What do you mean why? Now that we have you utilizing chains in your training it’s time to accommodate more resistance. (bands and chains are accommodating resistance) I see a lot of people […]

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DIY Jack Stand Bar Holder

DIY Jack Stand Curl Station by Michael D. Wailes

DIY Jack Stand Curl Station It might sound like a strange statement coming from someone talking about working out, but I am lazy. I am ALWAYS trying to find a way to make the workout easier. And I really shouldn’t say the workout, but rather the workout preparation. I hate bending over, lugging plates up […]

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DIY Bar Storage Rack by Dallas Martin for Garage Gym Life

DIY Bar Storage Rack

DIY Bar Storage Rack If you are like me, you have more room than you know what to do with in your garage gym or home gym (sarcasm). I had bars laying up against every corner or worse yet left on the floor only to have to move them so I could do the next […]

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Dallas Martin displays his DIY Landmine

DIY Landmine by Dallas Martin

DIY  Landmine A DIY Landmine is an awesome way to add a powerful tool to your garage gym toolbox. So, if landmine exercises are not in your arsenal, they should be.  And if you have searched the Internet for these fixtures, you will soon find out that fitness companies or equipment manufacturers are making a […]

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DIY Chain Collars for bench pressing

DIY Chain Collars by Thomas Stone

Why DIY Chain Collars? DIY chain collars will let you add a little variety and challenge to your training. If you have thought about trying chains and bands this project will get you using both in no time. Remember most public gyms have the space and finances to go out and get all of the equipment they need. […]

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Easy Ways to Protect Outdoor Gym Equipment

Keeping the Rust off your Outdoor Gym Equipment You just dropped a sizeable chunk of cash on that outdoor rig complete with anchors for your backyard and you want to keep the rust off. How to do it?  Pick equipment designed for outdoor use, protect it with regular maintenance, repaint when necessary, show the equipment […]

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DIY Cable Crossover (and it’s adjustable too!)

Why a DIY Cable Crossover? Cost is key for most of use home gym athletes.  Most of us scour the Internet looking for good deals on the equipment we are accustomed to using at our old commercial gyms.  let’s face it, other than squat racks, benches, and plates you have to be lucky to find […]

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should you insulate your garage door?

5 Reasons To Never Insulate Your Garage Door

Should You Insulate Your Garage Door? Deciding to insulate your garage door seems like a great idea at first. Garage athletes experience temperature extremes daily. After all, your garage was designed to keep the rain off of your car and to store miscellaneous junk, not be comfortable enough to spend an hour to two hours a […]

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D.I.Y. Plate Weight Rack (base)

D.I.Y. plate weight rack? D.I.Y. plate weight rack? What in the world is that? Gather round it’s DIY time again kids! To make space in the gym I needed to build some plate weight racks. I have a weight tree, but the footprint of it is rather large and it takes up a lot of space so by building smaller […]

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