Jenny Dugan is outstanding

Standing Outside with Outstanding Jenny Dugan!

Her profile caption says she’s standing outside so you’ll say she’s outstanding! I love it! Jenny Dugan is a 41 year old wife and mother who makes me feel like I underachieved when I was her age! Let’s dive into the story and home workout story of this awesomely strong lady! Standing Outside I can’t […]

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Crystel Armenta doing a handstand in her Garage Gym Life logo tank top and Garage Gym Life Women's Compression shorts

Getting Comfortable in My Skin a conversation with Crystel Armenta

Crystel Armenta: Handstandologist Crystel Armenta is a wife, mother and all around Wonder Woman! Crystel has come a long way in her home workout journey, losing over 100lbs and overcoming depression along the way. Learn the story of how she got comfortable in her skin. Crystel, you seem to be abnormally fond of handstands. Over […]

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working class beast ryan di pompeo deadlifting in his garage gym

Ryan Di Pompeo

Working class beast Ryan di Pompeo says if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! That attitude is pushing him to success on the powerlifting platform just as it served him well in his former career as an amateur kickboxer.  Ryan is a full-time generator technician, a former bantamweight- featherweight fighter and a current powerlifter in the […]

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mermaid pose in Garage Gym Life Garage Gym Life leggings and unisex logo triblend

Strong and Bendy; A Thug Gets Mindful

Mindfulness and yoga go together but thug? Marisol Swords is a homeschooling yogi who balances that with a love of lifting heavy iron! Granted mobility work is fairly popular among lifters but it’s still rare to find someone as passionate about yoga as they are about weights.  I learned a lot from this garage athlete who walks effortlessly […]

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marcbewegtschwereszeug= Marc Moves Heavy Stuff

marcbewegtschwereszeug Marc Wittrowski is a strongman who I discovered on Instagram while he was playing amateur American football in his native Germany. He’s got a ton of cool pictures and video of himself lifting and carrying heavy loads in a backyard in Germany. A year later, with one strongman competition under his belt, Marc is fully […]

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Garagegym107 Owner Michelle Simpson

Garagegym107 Garagegym107 founder Michelle Simpson was the third home based athlete to share her Iron Journey with us and the first garage gym business owner.  She wears a lot of hats: Wife, Mom, Nana, Sister, Weightlifter, CrossFitter and blogger. She lives by the motto, “You’re never too old to reach for amazing” and she’s proving it.  A […]

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Marisol Inda wearing Garage Gym Life tshirt

@advenracerchick is IndaHouse!

@advenracerchick is Inda House! Marisol Inda is a true Renaissance woman. She’s a career teaching professional, a competitive endurance sports athlete and a full time parent! With all of that you might wonder when she gets time to train!  As you’re about to find out, she’s able to juggle her work/life and fitness goals because of her […]

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Get To Know Nigerian bodybuilder Azekhumhe Omoh

Who is Azekhumhe Omoh? Azekhumhe Omoh was the first home based athlete to be profiled on Since our conversation, he’s gone on to bigger and better things, but has never lost sight of his hardcore, backyard gym roots! Find out his story in our original interview. Azekhumhe, thank you for taking the time to […]

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AnnieLori Thompson: Strong to the Finish

Who is AnnieLori Thompson? AnnieLori Thompson is one of only two athletes I know of who combine strength sports with ultra long distance running. Annie Lori (yes, she’s so strong that her mom gave her two names!) is an ultra-marathoner, powerlifter and strongwoman competitor! That is an awesome combination that made me want to know […]

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